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Events for the Week of February 27th:

-Monday, February 27th:
--3rd-8th Math, Algebra I, English II Interim Assessments
--Senior CPR Training
--Cheer Tryout Clinic 4:00-5:00
-Tuesday, February 28th:
--3rd-8th Reading, Engish I Interim Assessments
--Cheer Tryout Clinic 4:00-5:00

-Wednesday, March 1st:
--5th & 8th Science, Biology Interim Assessments
--Junior Ring Ceremony at 1:15pm in Auditorium

-Thursday, March 2nd:
--8th Social Studies, US History Interim Assessments
--One Act Play District Contest at Ft. Elliott
--Junior High Track Meet at 3:00pm at Lefors

-Friday, March 3rd:
--Early Release at 12:30pm
--High School Track Meet at 1:00pm at Lefors